If you’re looking for an Organization's Automation Plug-in with Email Domains, you found it!


The goal of this plug-in is to make it easier to integrate existing Organizations with users that submit JIRA Service Desk issues.


Adding the Organization to the JIRA system using the Organization Automation plug-in interface makes this simple:

Enter your organizations that you would like to track as shown and save.

But why would you take those few minutes to do so? Here are just a few of the MAJOR benefits of email automation: Save Time and Drive More Sales.


When a user creates a ticket in JIRA Service Desk, the user is now immediately assigned to the correct organization. It's all good! If a user raises a problem in JIRA Service Desk and that Organization does not exist in the ticket, it will be automatically created for you in the next release. Keep an eye out for updates.

You already have a ton of users who aren't mapped to an Organization?

Then don't worry and Simply add the Organization to the settings area, then click Map Customers, and the system will map all existing users to that organization for you... no need to choose people one at a time!

Without the plug-in, you must manually manage all client accounts and correlate them with companies.

The Plugin provides the ability to link email domains (for example, @company.com) to organizations.

As a result, when a new account is established in JIRA Service Desk, it is immediately connected with the appropriate organization based on the preset email domain affiliations.